Bulletin Supplement Feb 1968

An Ordinance to establish The Chinese University of Hong Kong, to provide for its incorporation, constitution, functions and matters connected therewith. Preamble. WHEREAS it is desirable to establis h a University w i th a federal constitution in which the principal language of instruction shall be Chinese — ( a ) to assist in the preservation, dissemination, communication and increase of knowledge; (b) to provide w i th the Colleges regula r courses of instruction in the humanities, the sciences and other branches of learning of a standard required and expected of a University of the highest standing; (c) to stimulate th e intellectual and cultura l development of Hong Ko ng and thereby to assist in promoting its economic and social welfare : N o w , THEREFORE, BE it enacted by the Governor of Ho ng Kong, w i t h the advice and consent of the Legislative Council thereof, as follow s — Short title. 1. Th is Ordinance may be cited a s The Chinese University of Hong Ko ng (Amendment) Ordinance, 1967. Interpretation. 2. (1) I n this Ordinance an d in any Statutes made thereunder, unless the context otherwise requires — “ Appo i n t ed Teachers" and “Directors of University Studies " respectively mean, the Appointed Teachers and Directors of University Studies o f the University as provided by section 18; ‘‘approved course of s t udy" means a cours e of study approved by the Senate; ‘‘Board of Governors" means the Board of Governors or Board of Trustees of a College; "Chancellor", "Vice-Chancellor ”, “Pro-Vice-Chancellor” and “Treasurer ”, respectively mea n the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Treasurer of the University; "College" means a college of the University as provided by section 5; "Council ”, ‘‘Senate ”, ‘‘Convocation ”, "Faculties" and ‘‘Boards of Studies" respectively mean the Council, Senate, Convocation, Faculties and Board s of Studies of the University; "Foundation Colleges" means Chung Chi College, New Asia College and The Un i t ed College of Hong Ko n g; "graduates" and “students” respectively mean the graduates and students of the University ; "membe r s” means such persons as are prescribed by the Statutes to be members; "Officers” means the Officers of the University as provided by section 6; ‘‘President” means President of a College; “Registrar” and " L i b r a r i a n" respectively mean the Registrar and Librarian of the University; “Statutes” means the Statutes of the Universit y made under section 20; “ Un i v e r s i t y” means The Chinese University of Hon g Ko ng (香港中文大學) i n c o r p o r a t ed by section 4. Special resolution. (2) A special resolution i s a resolution passed at one meeting of the Council and confirmed at a subsequent meeting held not less than one calendar month nor more than six months after the former meeting, and which is approved a t each meeting by — (a) not less than three fourths of those present and voting, and ( b) not less than half the whole membership of the Council. Visitation. 3. The Council may, when it thinks fit, appoint one or more persons to visit any College of the University, w i th power to inspect th e records, buildings, equipment and general facilities in any department and in any subject of stud y in such College and report thereon to the Council. Incorporation. 4. There shall be established in th e Colony of Ho ng K o ng a University w i th the name of T he Chinese University of Ho ng Ko ng ( 香港中文大學) a n d the Colleges and members of the University shall be a body corporate and shall have perpetual succession and may sue and be sued in that name and shall have and ma y use a common seal and may take by gift or otherwise purchase and hold, grant, demise or otherwise dispos e of real or personal estate: Provided that no dividend or bonu s whatsoever shall be paid and no gift or division of money shall be made by or on behalf of the University to any of its members except by way of prize, reward or special grant. 2