Bulletin Vol. 7 No. 2 Oct 1970

His Excellency Sir David Trenchthenproceeded to lay the foundation stone of the University Library and addressed the guests, pointing out the immense value of the University's library complex and thanking Dr. Tang for his generosity. The Chinese version of Sir David's speech was read by Prof. Shou-Sheng Hsueh, Professor of Government and Public Administration of the University. A reception was held at the Benjamin Franklin Centre after the ceremony. The University Library will have five storeys, with a total floor area of 86,000 sq. ft. Construction is scheduled for completion in August 1971. Dr. the Hon. Ping-Yuan Tang, a Member of the University Council and an Unofficial Member of the Executive Council, has donated HK$3,000,000 towards the construction cost of the Library in memory of his late father, Mr. Tang Pao-Che, a prominent businessman who contributed enormously towards the industrialization of China at the beginning of the 20th century. The Library is to serve as a centre dedicated to the promotion of the inter-flow of Chinese and Western cultures. "An event of great significance and felicity" — Dr. Choh-Ming Li's Remarks — The heart of a university is its library: it continuously pumps the latest knowledge to the faculty and the students. No university can do justice to the development of its academic and research programmes without the services of an efficient library that meets the demand of its students and academic staff. Six years ago, when I was installed as Vice- Chancellor of this University, I recall mentioning in my speech that besides the assistance we received from the British Government and the American people, a leading member of the local Chinese community had come forward with a pledge of three million Hong Kong dollars for the building of the University Library. This generous support, I said, gave me the courage to proceed and work with my colleagues towards building up a good university, besides providing me with confidence that difficulties could be overcome and challenges met. Today, I have the honour and the pleasure to make known to you the name of the donor. Dr. the Hon. Ping- Yuan Tang. Six years ago. Dr. Tang requested this University not to disclose his name because his donation was merely an indication of his concern for the future of The Chinese University, not a means to claim personal recognition. The ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the University Library is to us an event of great significance and felicity. I have, therefore, taken this opportunity to invite you to come here and share with us the joy this ceremony brings. However, Dr . Tang's contribution to this University is not limited to his donation of three million dollars. He is a member of the University Council and the Chairman of the Board of Governors of New Asia College, one of the three Foundation Colleges of the University. His intimate association with this University has helped us tremendously in its development. 1 do not have to remind you of Dr. Tang's contributions in the fields of trade and industry, culture, education and social welfare activities, for all of us are already well aware of his philanthropy, success and achievement. 1 would like to take this opportunity to make the fact clear to you so that we can all be proud of having among us a citizen so concerned with the well-being of the community of Hon g Kong. Seven years have passed since the inauguration of the University and the University is now gradually attaining its full status. Thanks must be given to the enthusiastic support from the people and the Government of Hong Kong as well as to various educational institutions overseas. Having the University Library, the well-functioning heart of a university. The Chinese University, I believe, will develop with more assurance and strength in the near future. I am certain that the University Library will help us immensely in developing our research institutes and the Graduate School and in reaching academic excellence. A t present, the University Library has a collection of 100,000 volumes. The new Library will eventually hold a multi-million volume collection, adequate to meet the needs of the expanding University and the community as a whole. When seeing the benefit the University Library shall bring to us in the near future, we should be grateful indeed for the generosity of our community leaders, among whom Dr. Tang has evidenced a community spirit by giving his most magnanimous support. We are most honoured today to have His Excellency the Governor and Chancellor of this University, leader of the community of Hong Kong, Sir David Trench, with us to officiate at the ceremony. I have no doubt Sir David will be very happy to lay the foundation stone of the University Library for us. — 2 —