Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 8 Mar 1972

T H E C H I N E S E U N I V E R S I T Y O F H O N G K O N G T H E U N I V E R S I T Y BULLETIN V O L U M E E I G H T M A R CH 1 9 72 N U M B ER E I G H T C O N T E N T S Page Senate Adopts Measures to Improve Staff/Student Relations . . . . 1 Music Department o f Chung Chi College 2 Members of the Boards of Studies . . 6 Graduate School News 9 Public Lectures and Seminar . . . . 10 Staff Profiles 11 Comings and Goings 1 1 College News 12 SENATE ADOPTS MEASURES TO I MPROVE STAF F / STUDENT RE L A T I ONS In order to strengthen communication between students and staff and foster staff/student relations, the Senate has adopted the following three measures: (1) Promoting Student Counselling through College Teaching Departments One major way in which the Colleges could achieve their identity is to establish a close rapport w i th the students. This primary responsibility may best be discharged by College teaching departments through their teachers, whose proper role should be to develop close contact w i th the students and to perform day-to-day student-counselling and student-guidance in addition to the inculcation o f knowledge. The College teaching departments could and should render valuable services to the students through personal counselling, in addition to the wo rk of the office of the College Dean of Students. University-wide services (comprising Student Health Centre, Appointments Service, etc.) and the services of College administration and teaching departments are parallel and important arms of student service in the University and should be made mutually complementary. (2) Setting up Student Consultation Committees under Boards of University Studies The Boards of Studies should play an important role in strengthening the channels of communication between staff and students. The Boards should be encouraged to consult students on matters of immediate student interest. It is, therefore, proposed that a Student Consultation Committee be set up under each Board of University Studies w i th the purpose of providing effective communication between staff and students. The terms o f reference for the committee are to advise the Board of Studies concerned on matters relating to curriculum, examination schemes and syllabuses, student welfare and services. The composition of the Committee shall consist of the Chairman of the Board of Studies as chairman and a m i n i mum of four members, two each f r om the staff and students. The size of the committee shall be