Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 8 Mar 1972

determined by the Board, w i th equal representation f r om the staff and students. Staff members may include co-opted as wel l as regular members of the Board o f Studies, and the student members should be chosen by the “ ma j o r” students. (3) Setting up a Staff/Student Relations Committee in the University Senate The purposes o f setting up the Staff/Student Relations Committee under the Senate are to improve staff/student communication and to take care not only of staff/student relations in general but all matter s concerning student welfare and services on a university-wide basis. The composition, terms of reference an d other details o f the Senate Staff/Student Relations Committee are as follows: 1 • Preamble I n order to foster staff/student relations, to improve staff/student communication, and to enhance student welfare and services, it is proposed to set up an overall Staff/Student Relations Committee under the Senate. 2. Composition The composition of the Senate Staff/Student Relations Committee shall be as follows: Chairman to be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor f r om the academic staff 9 Staff Representatives 2 to be nominated f r om each of the three College Staff/Student Relations Committees 3 to be elected by the Senate f r om its academic members (one f r om eac h Faculty) 9 Student Representatives 2 to be nominated f r om each o f the three College Staff/Studen t Relations Committees 3 to be elected by the University Student Un i on The Committee may co-opt member s as the need arises or invite University/College staff o r students to attend certain meetings. 3. Terms of Reference The Committee's terms of reference are ( 1) to advise the Senate on matters of staff/student relations, ( 2) to advise the University Administration o n the operation o f the Benjamin Franklin Centre and ( 3) to recommend policies on studen t affairs to the Senate. 4. Procedures The Senate Academic Planning Committee shall nominate six academic members of th e Senate for the Senate to elect three t o the Committee. 5. Senate Committee The Senate Staff/Student Relations Committee shall report to the Senate through the Vice-Chancellor. Members of this Committee may receive the Agenda and Minutes of the Senate and may attend meetings o f the Senate as observers. Th e Registrar or his representativ will serve as Secretary of th e Committee. 6. Preliminary Measures Colleges which have not yet established a Staff/ Student Relations Committee may make tentativ e nominations of staff and students t o serve on this Committee, pending confirmation after their ow n College Staff/Student Relations Committee has been established. MUSIC DEPARTMENT OF CHUNG CHI COL LEGE The Music Department of Chung Ch i College was founded in 1965, w i th Dr. David Sheng as Chairman, using funds granted for th e purpose by various church organizations. It took shape under the guidance of Dr. Bliss Wiant, who had taught music in China for some time, and w i t h the strong suppor t of the President of the College, Dr. C.T. Yung. I n the early days it offered a choice of major between School Music and Church Music . The basic courses offered were Harmony, the History of Western and Chinese Music, and the study of t wo instruments, to be chosen f r om piano, voice an d organ. Since those days the Department has rapidly progressed and expanded. There are no w 27 students majoring in Music, and they have a choice of five majors: Performance, Theory and Composition, History o f — 2—