Bulletin Vol. 10 No. 3 Nov 1973

T H E C H I N E S E U N I V E R S I T Y OF H O N G K O N G THE U N I V E R S I T Y BULLETIN VOLUME TEN NOVEMBER 1973 NUMBER THREE CONTENTS Fourteenth Congregation 1 Renditions No. 1 3 Abolition of Intermediate Examination 4 Student Enrolment 4 Gifts to the University 4 Personalia 4 Lectures 4 Comings and Goings 5 College News 5 FOURTEENTH CONGREGAT ION The Fourteenth Congregation of the University, for the conferment of honorary degrees and other degrees, was held on 16th October, 1973 in the Concert Hall of the City Hall. His Excellency the Governor and Chancellor of the University, Sir Murray MacLehose, presided at the ceremony. At the Congregation, the Chancellor conferred the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa on two eminent persons, Mr. M.A.R. Herries and Prof. Chia-chiao Lin. Mr. M.A.R. Herries, Chairman of the University and Polytechnic Grants Committee, has played a significant role in the promotion of Hong Kong's higher education as well as its economic prosperity. Prof. Chia-chiao Lin, Institute Professor and Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is world-renowned for his outstanding achievements in the field of Mathematics. After the conferment of the honorary degrees, Dr. Herries addressed the Congregation on behalf of the honorary graduates. (Dr. Hemes' speech and the citations are published in a Special Supplement of The University Bulletin.) 38 Master's degrees and 557 Bachelor's degrees were conferred on graduates of the University: 21 Masters of Philosophy, 17 Masters of Business Administration, 152 Bachelors of Arts, 143 Bachelors of Science, 81 Bachelors of Business Administration and 181 Bachelors of Social Science. Dr. Choh-Ming Li, Vice-Chancellor of the University, addressed the Congregation after the conferment of all degrees. A graduation dinner was held the same evening in honour of the honorary graduates and graduates. At the dinner, Dr. the Hon. P.C. Woo, member of the University Council, proposed a toast to the honorary graduates and graduates. Prof. Chia-chiao Lin and representatives of the graduates, Messrs. Tang Lung-wai and Ho Ka-king, spoke in response. "Legality, Morality and Idealism" 一 Dr. Choh-Ming Li's Address The graduates appearing before us this afternoon are the graduates of the tenth year of The Chinese University. In the past I have often taken advantage of this occasion of addressing our graduating class to report to the community on the development of the University during the year. This year happens to be the tenth anniversary of The Chinese University. There is a Chinese saying that it takes ten years for a tree to grow up and a hundred years for the fruits of education