Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 5 Feb–Mar 1973

CUHK MEMBERS ON HONG KONG GOVERNMENT'S RECONSTITUTED EDUCATION BOARD Dr. the Hon. P.C. Woo, member of the University Council, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of United College and of the University's Advisory Board to the School of Education, has been appointed Chairman of the newly reconstituted Education Board by His Excellency the Governor. The Hon. J. Canning, Director of Education, is Vice-Chairman of the Board and its members include the Vice-Chancellors of the two local Universities or their representatives, the Director of the Hong Kong Polytechnic, members of the Executive Council as well as religious leaders and leading industrialists. Dr. Choh-Ming Li has appointed Prof. S.L. Kong, Director of the School of Education, to be his representative on the Board. The first meeting of the Board was held on 8th February to study such problems as the expansion of secondary and technical education, and the review of the present examination system. The new Board is expected to submit a report to the Governor within six to eight months. COMPLETION OF DICTIONARY PROJECT With the publication of the Lin Yutang's Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage, the Dictionary Project and the Vice-Chancellor's Committee for the Dictionary Project terminated their functions on 28th February, 1973, after two years of concentrated work. As from 1st March, the unfinished and continuing activities of the Dictionary were taken over by the University's Publications Committee. In a letter dated 17th February to the Committee Chairman, Mr. J.S. Lee, the Vice-Chancellor stated, “ No words would be adequate to express my profound gratitude to you for the crucial part you have played in nursing the Project along from the first day of its inception to its final consummation in print." The former Director of the Dictionary Project, Dr. Francis K. Pan, was appointed Director of the Special Translation Project on the Glossary of Legal Terms, which is an undertaking of the University in cooperation with the office of the Commissioner for Chinese Language. PROFILES OF NEW PROFESSORS Prof. Shen-yu Dai, Visiting Professor of Government & Public Administration, United College Prof. Shen-yu Dai was born in Chengtu, Szechuan. After completing his LL.B. studies at the National Chengchi University, he went to the United States in 1947 to study at the University of Washington (Seattle) and the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in political science. Later, he taught at several colleges and universities in New York, Illinois, Colorado and California and did research-writing at the foreign policy and international relations institutes of M.I.T ., Columbia University and Stanford University. Apart from the articles, book reviews, translations and monographs on Chinese and world affairs he has published independently and the contributions he has made to the 1964 edition of Encyclopedia Americana, he has also produced, together with his colleagues in the field, the 4-volume Biographical Dictionary of Republican China (1967-71’ Columbia University Press) and the trilogy on Arms Control and Disarmament in the Far East: A Contingency Study (1966-68, Hoover Institution Press), which included a thorough analysis of Peking's domestic as well as foreign policies. While travelling from the United States to Pakistan (1964-65) and Liberia (1971-72) to serve as visiting professor at the national universities there, he was also able to visit many places of historical and cultural interest around the world. He arrived in Hong Kong from West Africa in the middle of January 1973. Prof. Mo-Huan Hsing, Professor of Economics, Chung Chi College Prof. Mo-Huan Hsing received his B.A. degree in Economics from the National Central University in 1942. He studied at the University of Chicago during 1945-46 on a government fellowshi p and at Harvard University during 1955-57 on a Harvard-Yenching Visiting Scholarship. He visited Harvard University as Senior Visiting Harvard-Yenching Fellow during 1967-68 and Yale University as Research Associate at the Economic Growth Center during 1971-72. He was Associate Professor of Economics at the National Taiwan University during 1953-57 and has bee n Professor of Economics henceforth. He has concurrently served as Director of the Institute of Economics at the Academia Sinica since 1962. 一 2 —