Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 5 Feb–Mar 1973

He is a member of the Econometric Society and of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth. (see pictures in Chinese section) UNIVERSITY STUDENT UNION NEWS New Office-bearers for 1973-74 The University Student Union has elected its new officebearers for 1973-74. The installation of the office-bearers was held on 27th February, and the oath of office was administered by Dr. Choh-Ming Li, Vice-Chancellor. The following is a list of the new office-bearers of the University Student Union: President: Mr. Louie Kin-sheun Vice-President: Miss Lee Wai-duen Vice-President for External Affairs: Mr. Kwong Kwok-ming Hon. Secretary: Miss Har Chung Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Cheng Wai-Kay External Affairs Secretary: Mr. Siu Chi-lok Academic Secretary: Miss Yau Ping-fong, Flora Publications Secretary: Mr. Lai Ting-yiu Sports Secretary: Miss Chiang Yee-ling Social Activities Secretary: Mr. Wong Yuk-ming Welfare Secretary: Mr. Leung Sing-man General Affairs Secretary: Mr. Li Ka-kwan Officials of the Representative Council of the Union are: Chairman: Mr. Ngai Ngan-pun Vice-Chairman: Mr. Wong Tak-shing Hon. Secretary: Mr. Chong Yun-kwan Steward: Mr. Law Kai-kwong Inter-University Debate 1973 The Chinese University has been awarded the Bank of America Debating Scholarship and Trophy for 1973 by defeating Hong Kong University at the Inter-University Debate held on 20th February at Chung Chi College . The motion for the debate, which was conducted in English, was "That traditional Chinese belief in 'reverence for the teacher, respect for the Truth (tao) no longer deserves to be taken seriously" and this University's debating team took the government side. This debating contest sponsored by the Bank of America also included a debate in Chinese, with two students from each university in each team. GIFTS TO THE UNIVERSITY The University has received the following gifts: 1. From Yale-in-China Association HK$ 11,300, which represents half of the discretionary fund for the University this year; 2. From Mr. O.H. Lam HK$50,000 for scholarships; 3. From Mr. S.W. Hsu HK$50,000 for development purposes. PERSONALIA I. Appointments Prof. Shen-yu Dai — Visiting Professor of Government and Public Administration, United College Prof. Mo-huan Hsing — Professor of Economics, Chung Chi College Mr. J.S. Dahele — Lecturer in Electronics, United College Dr. Hon Ping-kay - Lecturer in Chemistry, United College Mrs. Bernhild Chai - Part-time Lecturer in German Studies, United College Mr. Masayuki Date — Part-time Lecturer, The Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies and Research, New Asia College Dr. Chung Yuet Ping — Part-time Lecturer in Geography, Chung Chi College Miss Patricia W.P. Tung — Part-time Lecturer in Psychology, United College Mr. King Chia-lun — Staff Tutor, Department of Extramural Studies Miss Jeanne Mak Man-shun - Cataloguer, University Library Mr. Wong Kit-hung — Administrative Assistant (Probationary), Publications Office Mrs. Pansy Wong Ng Pok-fai 一 Part-time Administrative Assistant, Department of Extramural Studies Mr. Kan Luk Ming 一 Physical Education Instructor, Chung Chi College Mr. Lo Tak-kai - Physical Education Instructor, United College Miss Christine Murray — Part-time Teacher in Music , Chung Chi College — 3 —