Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 6 Apr–May 1973

T H E C H I N E S E U N I V E R S I T Y O F H O N G K O N G T H E U N I V E R S I T Y BULLETIN VOLUME NINE APRIL-MAY 1973 NUMBER SIX CONTENTS New Developments in Chinese Studies 1 CUHK Staff t o Serve on Outside Committees 2 Academic Honours fo r CUHK Staff 3 Gifts to the University 3 University's Third Athleti c Meet . . 3 Personalia 3 Staff Profiles 4 Lectures 5 Comings & Goings . . 6 College News 7 NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN CHINESE STUDIES Institute of Chinese Studies Advisory Board The Institute o f Chinese Studies was set up in 1967 with the aim of promoting scholarship in Chinese studies, and encouraging the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the study of Chinese culture. Upon completion of its building in December 1970 , the various research centres and the Art Gallery occupied the Institute. The Institute has a Research Board composed of the heads of its seven research divisions, and publications are handled by an Editorial Board, which has so far published four volumes of the Journal of the Institute of Chinese Studies and a number of monographs and books. The Art Gallery has held six exhibitions on Chinese culture since September 1971. In view of the momentous task of the Institute and the expectations from all quarters, the Vice-Chancellor established in March 1973 an Advisory Board to suggest development plans i n accordance with the needs of the University and the community at large, and advise on their implementation and make recommendations thereon to the Vice-Chancellor. Members of the Advisory Board are: Dr. the Hon. Sir Kenneth Ping-fan Fung (Chairman) Bishop Francis C.P. Hsu Miss Aw Sian Dr. the Hon. Q.W. Lee Secretary: Mr. Stephen C. Soong (Special Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor) “Wing Lung Bank Fund for Promotion of Chinese Culture" A "Wing Lung Bank Fund for Promotion of Chinese Culture" has been established with a donation of HK$1 million from Mr. Yee-sung Wu, Chairman of Wing Lung Bank L t d ” and Mr. Jieh-Yee Wu, Managing Director and General Manager of the Bank. The proceeds from the Fund will be used to finance research projects and publications of the Institute of Chinese Studies. The Wu brothers made the donation to commemorate the Bank's 40th anniversary and the inauguration of the Bank's new building.