Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 6 Apr–May 1973

Donation from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation In response to a request from the Vice-Chancellor, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has provided a grant of US$300,000 to the University in support of its Chinese Studies Programme. The grant is payable over a three- year period at the rate of US$100,000 a year. Specific allocation of the funds will be left to the Vice-Chancellor with the proviso that they be used within the next three academic years to advance the general aim expressed in his proposal. The grant will assist the University over the next three years to integrate an interdisciplinary approach to the various aspects of Chinese Studies , The Institute of Chinese Studies is expected to contribute its part to the overall development. Exhibition of Chinese Carved Jades The Art Gallery of the Institute of Chinese Studies held an Exhibition of Chinese Carved Jades from 3rd to 25th March, to coincide with the Hong Kong Arts Festival held from 26th February to 24th March. The Exhibition, largest of its kind ever held in Hong Kong, featured over two hundred items covering a wide range of types and periods. The exhibits can be classified into : (1) archaic jades of Han Dynasty and earlier times - "ritual" jades and personal ornaments; (2) carvings of animals and birds from T'ang Dynasty to Ch'ing Dynasty; (3) green and white jade carvings of late Ming and early Ch'ing periods, including green jade brush holders and wine-pots, and white jade pendants and ornaments; (4) large carvings of the late Ch'ing Dynasty and modern times in the form of vessels of archaistic style and screens with landscape and flower and bird motifs. Exhibition of the Lan-T'ing To commemorate the 27th sixty-year cycle of the writing of the most famous piece of calligraphy, The Lan-T'ing Preface, in the year 353 A.D., the Art Gallery mounted an Exhibition of the Lan-T'ing from 10th April to 15th May. Exhibits, on loan from local as well as British, Japanese, Swiss, and American collectors, may be classified into six categories: (1) 152 ink-rubbings of The Lan-T'ing Preface from Sung, Ming and Ch'ing Dynasties; (2) 6 original paintings, including the hand scrolls o f the Literary Gathering at Lan-Ting by Ming and Ch'ing masters; (3) 6 original scrolls of calligraphy of The Lan-T'ing Preface by famous calligraphists such as Chao Meng-fu of Yuan, Tun g Ch'i-Chang of Ming, and Chang Chao of Ch'ing, etc., (4) 93 photostat copies of calligraphic models of The Lan-Ting Preface including the recently published Anthology of Calligraphic Models of Lan-Ting; (5) photographs; and (6) other exhibits such as an ink-well of Ming Dynasty , brush holders and seals. CUHK STAFF TO SERVE ON OUTSIDE COMMITTEES • Dr. Ma Lin, Reader in Biochemistry, United College, and Dr. Edmund P. Woo, Lecturer in Chemistry, United College, have been appointed representatives of the University on the Committee for Scientific Co- ordination, t o replace President C.T. Yung, Chung Chi College, and Dr. S.W. Tam, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, Chung Chi College, whose terms of office expired on 31st March, 1973. The appointments of Prof. Bay-sung Hsu, Professor of Physics, New Asia College, and Dr. Charles Kao, Reader in Electronics, United College, as the University's representatives on the Committee have been renewed. • Mr. Harold Ho, Lecturer and Chairman of the Social Work Department, Chung Chi College, has been appointed by His Excellency the Governor to serve on the Social Work Training Fund Committee for a period of one year with effect from 1st April, 1973. Mr. Ho has also been invited to serve as a member of the Academic Board of the Government's newly established Institute for Social Work Training. • Mr. S.H. So, Assistant University Registrar, has been appointed the University's representative on the Advanced Level Examination Board of Hong Kong University, replacing Mr. S.T. Cheung, Senior Assistant University Registrar. Dr. S.T. Tsou, Dean of the Faculty of Science, United College, and Dr. N.N. Chan, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, Unite d College, accepted an invitation of the Hong Kong Polytechnic to serve on its Advisory Committee t o the Department of Science and Mathematics. - 2 —