Bulletin Vol. 10 No. 6 Feb–Mar 1974

T H E C H I N E SE U N I V E R S I T Y OF H O NG K O NG THE U N I V E R S I TY BULLETIN VOLUME TEN FEBRUARY - MARCH 1974 NUMBER SIX CONTENTS New Chairman of UPGC 1 Visit of Overseas Council Members . . 1 Working Party on Educational Policy and University Structure .. 2 Gifts to the University 2 Personalia 3 Staff Profiles 3 New Office-Bearers of the University Student Union 4 Lectures and Exhibitions 4 Comings and Goings 5 College News 6 NEW CHAIRMAN OF UPGC Dr. the Hon. Sir Sidney Gordon has assumed the chairmanship of the University and Polytechnic Grants Committee (previously known as the University Grants Committee), upon the retiremen t of Dr. Michael A.R. Herries at the end of December 1973. Dr. Herries had been Chairman of the UPGC since its inception in 1965. During his eight years of office big strides were made in the development of higher education. The capital programme s of the two Universities, the extensive student finance scheme, and the new Hong Kong Polytechnic all bear testimony to the effective rol e Dr. Herries had played in the Committee. Sir Sidney Gordon, a member of the Executive Council and a prominent businessman, has made significant contributions to the promotion o f higher education in Hong Kong. He was a member of the Council of this University (October 196 3 - June 1973) and its Finance Committee, and Chairman of the Terms of Service Committee an d the Advisory Board of L I BA. He was also the Chairman of the Universities Joint Salaries Committee (March 1970 - June 1973) and a member of the Court of the University of Hong Kong. He became Deputy Chairman of UPGC in July 1973’ at which time he relinquished membership of the above Committees at the two Universities. 高 登 爵 士 Sir Sidney Gordon VISIT OF OVERSEAS COUNCIL MEMBERS The overseas Council members of the University, The Rt. Hon. Lord Fulton o f Falmer, Dr. Clark Kerr, Sir Cyril Philips, and Dr. Kingman Brewster, Jr ., visited the University in January 1974. They attended a University Council Meeting on 15th January, the first time all four overseas members