Bulletin Autumn‧Winter 1981

Chines e Universit y Bulleti n Au t umn • Winter 1981 Chinese University Bulletin is an official publication of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Content s Twenty-Third Congregation 1 The First Fulton Commission: Some Personal Memories 1 0 Seminar on Modern Chinese Literature 1 Conference on Hong Kong History and Society in Change 1 5 New Part-time Degree Programmes 1 Appointments Service 1 Recent Developments of Various Units 1 News on Committees 2 Personalia 2 Staff Profiles 24 Gifts to the University 26 Student Enrolment 1981-82 2 News in Brief 2 Cultural Events 3 Art Exhibitions 3 Academic and Other Publications of Staff 3 (Cover photo by Mr. Tsang Hin Sing) Advisory Committee on Chinese University Bulletin Professor Francis C. Johnson Professor Wai Lim Yip Mr. So Man Jock Dr. F.C. Chen Editor: Miss Chan Yin-ling Assistant Editor: Mr. Huang Kuo-pin Address: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong.