Bulletin Number Three 1984

donation of HK$454,220 in support of the research programme on ‘The Use of Television and Other Mass Media in Hong Kong' to be undertaken by the Centre for Hong Kong Studies. (6) From the Radio Television Hong Kong and the lions Club of Mount Cameron a grant of HK$50,000 for the establishment of a Foundation Fund for Campus Work Scheme for the Department of Journalism and Communication. (7) From the Consumer Council a grant of HK$30 , 000 in support of the project on 'Analysis of Ginseng Teas and Extracts' of the Department of Biochemistry. (8) From the World Health Foundation (H.K.) a grant of HK$ 17,000 to Drs. Y.M. Choy and K.P. Fung of the Department of Biochemistry in support of their research project on ‘Effect of Anti-Cancer Agents on Glucose Transport of Tumour Cells'. (9) From the Power Garment Factory Ltd. a donation of HK$ 15,000 towards the Cultural Communication Programme of the Department of Journalism and Communication. (10) From the Schmidt & Co. (H.K.) Ltd. a donation of HK$4,000 towards the research/conference travelling fund of the Department of Medicine. Publicaton Project (11) From Arthur Andersen & Co. a donation of HK$ 10,000 in support of the publication of the second edition of For First Job Seekers by the Appointments Service of the Office of Student Affairs. Fellowships and Scholarships (12) From Madam Wong Fung Ling a donation of HK$100,000 for the following: (a) HK$20,000 for Chung Chi College as scholarships; (b) HK$20,000 for New Asia College as scholarships; and (c) HK$60,000 for United College to set up a Wong Fung Ling Student Loan Fund. (13) From the Kiangsu & Chekiang Residents (H.K.) Association a donation of HK$80,000 for scholarships and student loans for students of the School of Education. (14) From Mrs. Lam Yeung Sin Wah a donation of HK$50,000 for postgraduate scholarships in memory of the late Mr. Lam On Hang. (15) From Banque Indosuez a donation of HK$3 , 000 to support students to attend a French Summer Course in France. Miscellaneous (16) From the Bei Shan Tang Foundation a donation of HK$45,000 for the purchase of some essential equipment for the TL dating project under the direction of Dr. L.S. Chuang of the Department of Physics. (17) From the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia a grant of US$2,500 for holding the International Conference on Sung China in Hong Kong. (18) From the Hong Kong Government a grant of HK$7,891.80 for the training of anaesthetists. (19) From Dr. L.B. Kan a donation of HK$2,500 for the employment of student helpers in the University Library System. (20) From Mr. Lau Sum Wai a donation of HK$ 1 , 000 to the Department of Orthopaedic & Traumatic Surgery. (21) From the French Government thirty-eight pieces of original palaeolithic stone tools to the Department of Anthropology. (22) From the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany a collection of music books and cassette tapes. (23) From Mr. Y . L . l i u a telephone recording machine. (24) From Thong Sia Co. Ltd. a Seiko Solar Battery Pole Clock, to be installed on the New Asia College campus.