Bulletin Spring‧Summer 1997

'The Faculty of Business Administration of The Chinese University ofHong Kong hasover the past three decades producedalmost2,000highly competent and talented businesspostgraduates.Many of them have becomekeymembersof our business community. The successofHong Kong asa lending international businesscentreowesmuch to the contribution the faculty hasmadeto strengthening thepool of local professionals in many disciplines by updating and training themon the latest skillsand developmentsin businessmanagement... [The Town Centre] is a new modern bridgebetween academic discovery and businesspursuit. All that we can seehere today bears testimony to thefaculty and the University's unfaltering effortin nurturing our business leadersof tomorrow.' _ Extracts from Mr. Donald Tsang's Address 'This "renewed" and "expanded" town centre is a modern learning environment for business pro- fessionals in a conveniently situated downtown location. ... This new facility represents the unequivocal and substantial commitment thatour university has towards our MBA programmes. It further reflectsthe vision of our advisory boards, headed by Dr. Cheng Yu-tung and Dr. Alice Lam, of management development for Hong Kong in the 21st century.' —Extracts from Prof. Arthur K. C. Li's Address MBA Town Centre 21