Bulletin Spring‧Summer 2006

Art Museum Celebrates 35th Anniversary 2
Fifth Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony 8
University Council Decides to Establish Two New Colleges 18
News in Brief 20
Council News 20
Appointment of Pro-Vice-Chancellor 20
Reappointment of College Heads 20
New Dean of Science 20
University Members Honoured 20
The New CUHK–Chiang Ching Kuo Foundation Asia-Pacific Centre for Chinese Studies 22
Tomson Group Donates HK$3.5 Million to CUHK 23
Shenzhen Government and CUHK Sign Memorandum to Promote Shenzhen-Hong Kong Collaboration 23
CUHK Announces Double-degree Initatives 24
Sun Hung Kai Properties Nobel Laureates Distinguished Lectures 25
Law School News 26
Appointment of Three Honorary Professors to the School of Law 26
Graduate Law Centre Established in Commercial Hub 27
University College London Visited the School of Law 27
Ph.D. from CUHK Improves Tamiflu Supply and Production Cost 28
Bridgetech-CUHK Agreement to Found Clinical Research Organization 28
Hi-Tech Products Developed by CUHK Win Hong Kong Awards for Industries 29
CUHK’s Green Practices Recognized with Gold at First Energy Efficiency Awards 30
Eventful CUHK Green Week 31
Friendship and Scholarship: The First 25 Years Launch Ceremony 31
Encouraging Figures in CUHK 2005 Employment Survey 31
Academic Exchange 32
Vice-Chancellor Leads CUHK Delegation to Paris 32
Williams and United Celebrate Fourth Decade of Exchange 32
12 CUHK Mathematics Graduates Receive Full Scholarships to Further Studies at Top Overseas Universities 33
CUHK Commends Young Researchers 33
Student Achievements 34
Champions of Business Paper Contest 34
Third Place in International Internet Strategic Competition 34
Hong Kong Public Policy Innovation Award 35
2005 Leader of The Year 35
Medical News 36
New Treatment 36
CUHK Pioneers Use of Cardiac Contractility Modulation 36
Cure for Vesicoureteral Reflux in Children 36
'A Tooth for an Eye’ — New Hope for Corneal Blindness 36
Silver Jubilee of the Faculty of Medicine 37
CUHK Students Create Social Ventures with Promise for Business and Community 38
VC’s Exemplary Teaching Award 2005 38
Shakespeare Festival 39
Research Grants Totalling HK$105 Million for 35 Projects 39
Exhibitions 40
Art Museum Exhibitions 40
ULS Exhibition to Honour World-renowned Botanist 41
A Banker’s Photographs on Display at Chung Chi College 41
The Art of CUHK 2006 41
Conferences / Workshops / Seminars 42
Visiting Scholars 42
Lectures 43
Obituary 43