Bulletin Spring‧Summer, 2008

Beacon of Life: Mentorship Programmes I n Greek mythology, Mentor was a friend of Odysseus. When the latter left his home for the Trojan War, he entrusted Mentor with the tasks of looking after, educating, and protecting his son. From this source was derived the modern use of the word 'mentor': a trusted friend, counselor or teacher. First launched in 1999, the Mentor Programme jointly organized by Chung Chi College and its alumni association invites only its alumni to be mentors. The programme is aimed at enriching social exposure, improving communication skills and enhancing the exposure of Chung Chi students through experience sharing and interactions with College alumni. In the year-long programme, mentors and mentees meet on a regular basis and engage in a variety of activities. Mentees may visit their mentor's workplace. They may dine, hike or attend art performances together. Many develop a close and long-term relationship after the programme ends. A great number of Chung Chi alumni participating in the programme hold important positions in society. Among others, Cheung Man-yee, former director of broadcasting; From Freshman to Renaissance Man Ko Tin-lung, artistic director of Chung Ying Theatre Company; media veterans Chang Ching-po and Leung Man-tao; Pang Yuk-wing, deputy chief executive of the Bank of East Asia; Prof. Chan Yuk-shee, President of Lingnan University of Hong Kong , ha v e a l l b e en mentors of the programme. This year sees the 10th anniversary of the Chung Chi Mentor Programme. In the past decade over 1,400 Chung Chi students received guidance from alumni through the programme. It is also instrumental in strengthening ties and cohesion among the College community. Prof. Leung Yuen-sang Head, Chung Chi College 14   Chinese University Bulletin Spring • Summer 2008