Bulletin Spring‧Summer, 2008

46   Chinese University Bulletin Spring • Summer 2008 Honours and Recognition Prof. Xu Yangsheng Elected Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering P rof. Xu Yangsheng, Professor of Automation and Computer-aided Engineering, has been elected member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in recognition of his ground-breaking achievements in the fields of engineering science and technology. Prof. Xu is a world-renowned expert on robotics. He has made significant contributions to the advancement of intelligent control systems in China ' s space technology. He has also made down-to-earth inventions that have wide application and vast potential. These include 'intelligent eyeglasses' offering instantaneous translation to tourists, and a 'smart wheelchair' that improves the quality of life of the physically challenged. Geography Professor Receives State Natural Science Award P rof. Leung Yee, Professor of Geography, has won the second-class award of the 2007 State Natural Science Award with his novel research on the analysis of complex data. The theoretical results and algorithms of his research can effectively help to discover seismic belts and active seismic episodes from spatial and temporal earthquake data. The research capitalizes on the power of human intelligence and machine efficiency to model highly complex data through the integrated employment of methods in geography, mathematics, statistics, and information science on the basis of cognitive and biological laws. It puts forward a theoretical construct for applications in identifying land covers and natural resources hidden in remote sensing, as well as radar data.