Bulletin Spring‧Summer, 2008

Two Scholars Named Croucher Senior Research Fellows P rof. Michael R.T. Lyu (1st right) of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and Prof. Tony K.M. Shing (1st left) of the Department of Chemistry, were awarded Senior Research Fellowships by The Croucher Foundation. Prof. Lyu is a world -renowned researcher in software reliability engineering. He and his team's latest work enables the application of 3D computing technology on various digital entertainment such as Wii games. An internationally renowned expert in organic synthesis, Prof. Shing's research interest is the development of novel methods for the syntheses of organic molecules with chemotherapeutic potential, namely, anti-cancer, anti-viral, or anti-diabetic activities, using sugars as starting materials. Prof. Lin Hui Participates in National Lunar Exploration Programme P rof. Lin Hui (right), director, Institute of Space and Earth Information Science (ISEIS), was appointed by the China National Space Administration as an expert of the Scientific Application Committee of China Lunar Exploration Programme. Prof. Lin was pleased to be appointed and said it was an honour for himself and a gesture of support for the ISEIS. As a member of the Lunar Topography and Structure Expert Group of the Committee, Prof. Lin will be able to work with other experts to take priority in analysing data from the lunar orbiting exploration programme. His newly received honour will help to accelerate the institute's planetary programme which may begin ahead of time. Honours and Recognition   47