Bulletin Offprints(II) Printed with No. 2, 2013

GROUND-BREAKING CEREMONY OF THE UNIVERSITY SITE Volumn Four • January 1968 • Number Four It was a bright sunny morning on Saturday, 9th December, 1967, when the University held its memo- rable Ground-Breaking Ceremony of the new campus site next to Chung Chi College, high above the hills of Shatin and overlooking Tolo Harbour. The sounds of a helicopter hovering above heralded the arrival of His Excellency the Governor Sir David Trench. As soon as it landed, His Excellency stepped out and was welcomed by the Vice-Chancellor Dr, Choh-Ming Li. Together they rode up to the campus site and were greeted on arrival by Dr, the Hon. C.Y. Kwan, Chairman of the University Council, Mr. Edwin Webb Martin, U.S. Consul General in Hong Kong, Dr. R.C. Lee, Vice-Chairman of the Council and Chairman of the Campus Planning Committee, and the Hon. W. Szeto, University Architect. The Vice-Chancellor opened the ceremony with a short welcome address to approximately five hundred guests, including many prominent members of the community. Then His Excellency, accompanied by the Hon. C. Y. Kwan, Dr. R. C. Lee, and the Hon. Szeto proceeded to the tree planting site to plant a tree. The Vice-Chancellor, in his address to the assembly, said, "This University was created by the Government and the people of Hong Kong. Its creation was possible because so many people had the will and the vision to work t oge t he r…He re we shall remember the long history of Chinese higher education and pledge our allegiance to its great traditions: the Chinese language and its literature," He then concluded, "This Univer- sity is set on a hill. Nothing that is set on a hill can be hidden. Let it be known that this University is set on this hill as a beacon. With humility and with courage we shall endeavour to give light to the world." THE CUHK PUBLICATIONS OFFICE Volumn Four • February 1968 • Number Five The CUHK Publications Office has been set up to look after the publishing needs of the University, of both academic and administrative nature. Dr. Francis K. Pan was appointed Director of the Publications Office on a part-time basis beginning 1st January. Dr. Pan is at present a part-time Lecturer of Economics and Business Administration at Chung Chi College and is also a part-time lecturer in the Extra-mural Department of both the Chinese University and the University of Hong Kong. LONG WATER PIPE BEING INSTALLED FOR CUHK Volumn Four • February 1968 • Number Five A 27,000 feet long water pipe is being installed be- tween Plover Cove Distillation Station, Shatin, and Ma Liu Shui. The new water pipe is to supply water for the University. The whole installation project will be completed in ten months' time. A COMMON CALENDAR FOR THE COLLEGES Volumn Four • March 1968 • Number Six At its meeting on 16th January the University Calendar (Almanac) Committee decided to have a common Calendar for all three Colleges for the academic year 1968/69. The Calendar will provide 24 to 28 net teaching weeks excluding the examination period in both terms. This will go a long way to help those who have to plan inter-collegiate and collegiate classes. It is also the result of consulting both the teaching and administrative staff representatives. APPOINTMENTS SERVICE FOR GRADUATES Volumn Four • May 1968 • Number Eight The University announced the establishment of an Appointments Service, effective from 1st May, 1968, An Appointments Board was formed with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Dr. T.C. Ou, as Chairman, and the Registrar, two representatives each from Chung Chi, New Asia and United Colleges and the 12