Bulletin Offprints(II) Printed with No. 2, 2013

within the campus and will serve the purpose of integrating the University as a close-knitted whole by the time the campus buildings are all completed. OPENING CEREMONY OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CENTRE Volumn Five • April 1969 • Number Seven "This is a most significant day in the history of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, for the building we are here to open today is the first university building to be ready for use, and its completion is a major step forward in the bringing together of the three constituent colleges." "It is difficult in this day and age when there is a need for such a degree of specialized knowledge in some subjects, for a student to find time to get to know about fields outside his own, and here we have a building where he can meet other university members easily and informally." The Benjamin Franklin Centre, the first building of the University on its own campus, was formally opened by the Chancellor, His Excellency the Governor, Sir David Trench, on 2nd April, 1969. Sir David arrived at the Chung Chi athletic field by helicopter and was escorted to the Centre by Vice-Chancellor Choh-Ming Li in His Excellency's car. Sir David was then escorted to the dais by the Vice-Chancellor; Dr. the Hon. Sir Cho-yiu Kwan, Chairman of the University Council; Dr. R.C. Lee, Vice-Chairman of the Council and Chairman of the Campus Planning Committee; Mr. Edwin Webb Martin, American Consul-General; and the Hon. W. Szeto, University Architect, After the National Anthem, Vice-Chancellor Li welcomed the guests to the opening ceremony of this Centre which testifies to "a new and happy combination of international goodwill and coopera- tion", The Centre was then declared open by His Excellency Sir David Trench, A reception and a tour of the building followed. This HK$ 2 , 5 0 0 , 0 00 - Centre for staff and students of the University was built with funds received from the American people, including over 55 firms and individuals, through the U.S. Depart- ment of State, The Asia Foundation and the Ameri- can business community. Vice-Chancellor Choh- Ming Li accepted the building from the Hon. W. Szeto on 21st January, 1969 in the presence of repre- sentatives of the donors, including the American Consul-General, Mr. Edwin Webb Martin. 14