Bulletin No. 1, 2014

10   Chinese University Bulletin No. 1, 2014 Manuscript of the College Anthem by Dr. Ch’ien Mu Graduation ring and seal (1956) Manuscript to graduates by Tang Chun-I (1967) N ew Asia College was founded over six decades ago. The New Asia History Gallery was set up to reunite students, teachers and alumni, and to strengthen understanding of the origin, development and educational goals of the College, through the display of its historical artefacts and literature. Opened in December 2013 on the ground floor of Cheng Ming Building, the gallery presents its exhibits under four categories—teachers’ list in the early days; Kweilin Street, Farm Road premises, and Sha Tin campus; New Asia Student Union’s development; and the New Asia Online History Archive. The gallery carries comprehensive information, both in terms of range and depth. Historical photos of the last 60 years or so and descriptions are uploaded to the online archive, to give viewers a deeper understanding of the College. The online archive also contains video clips from media on stories of the College, and valuable documents on the College’s development written by the founders, e.g., Dr. Ch’ien Mu on the New Asia spirit. Prof. Henry N.C. Wong, Head, New Asia College ‘This year marks the 65th anniversary of New Asia College. The New Asia History Gallery was set up for students, teachers and alumni to embrace, once again, the pursuit of study and conduct of life of the founders and teachers, and to reminisce about their college life. In addition, we hope to introduce our educational philosophy to the community at large. As the gallery is new, we are seeking donations of artefacts to enrich our collection and promote the College spirit.’ New Asia History Gallery