Bulletin No. 1, 2014

Culture—Its Creation, Preservation and Promotion  9  O pened in 2006 on the second floor of the Elisabeth Luce Moore Library, the Chung Chi College Archive consists of an exhibition gallery and an archival storage room. Invaluable historical documents and relics of the College are collected and displayed. The archive also holds exhibitions with different themes such as foundation years, original campus and buildings, architectural design of the early campus, and music activities in the early days. The archive collections include meeting minutes, letters, reports, architectural drawings, photographs, publications, souvenirs, medals, certificates, notes, flags, documents, pamphlets, posters, clothing, etc. More than a thousand items were donated by about 120 alumni and staff in response to a collection campaign. As Prof. Leung Yuen-sang , Head of Chung Chi College, said in the pamphlet of the ‘Exhibition of Chung Chi College Archive Foundation stone of the administration building on the new Ma Liu Shui campus (1956) Chung Chi College in the Foundation Years’, ‘The history of Chung Chi is written by generations of students and staff; it is part of our collective memory. Now we have our archive for historical documents. Ar tefac ts and photographs are displayed. United as a family, our affection for the College matures like good wine.’ Commemorative pin of the cross-harbour swimming contest (1966) Installation drawing of the pipe organ in Chung Chi Chapel (1973)