Bulletin No. 2, 2015

Knowledge Delivered to the Doorstep—Knowledge Transfer Project Fund 2
A More Hands-on Type of Knowledge Transfer 4
Five Successful Practitioners 7
Transfer of Humanity Via Music and Psychology 8
Reinforcing Neighbourhood Bonds 10
An All-encompassing Approach to Fragility Fractures 12
Multiculturalism in Action 14
Towards Early Detection of Atrial Fibrillation 16
By the People, For the People 18
Fourteenth Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony 20
Mr. Choi Park-lai 21
Mr. Lau Chor-tak 21
Dr. Li Wai-tat Walton 21
Mr. Yau Ying-sum William 21
Dr. Yu Yui-chiu 21
International Recognition for GE Foundation Programme 22
Exiling Proverty to the Museum 26
Pushing the Frontiers of Minimally Invasive Surgery 28
The Best and the Brightest 30
CUHK Genetic Engineering Team Wins Gold Again in iGEM 30
CUHK Wins Top Prizes at Challenge Cup 30
Medical Student Wins Grand Prize in FameLab Contest 31
Research of Crowdsourced Networks Wins NCEL Student Paper Award 31
Volleyball Champion in University Friendship Games 31
Eight CUHK Students Awarded Innovation and Technology Scholarship 32
Fourteen Students Awarded HK Scholarship for Excellence 32
News in Brief 33
Appointments 33
New/Reappointed Council Members 33
Emeritus Professors 33
Honours and Recognition 34
CUHK Commended by UGC’s Quality Audit 34
Eight MoE Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards 34
Thirteen Buildings Receive Green Labels from Hong Kong Green Building Council 35
CUHK Named World’s Most Impactful Research Institution in Telecommunications 35
Prof. Dennis Lo Honoured with AACC Wallace H. Coulter Lectureship Award 36
Prof. Malcolm John Underwood Receives International Gold Medal 36
Prof. Amos P.K. Tai Receives the WMO Research Award for Young Scientists 37
Prof. Diana Lee Inducted as Fellow of American Academy of Nursing 37
Research 38
New Material for Osteoporosis-related Bone Fracture 38
Interactive Exoskeleton Ankle Robot for Stroke Rehabilitation 38
Artery Embolization to Relieve Symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia 39
High Frequency Oscillations Technology Increases Effectiveness of Complex Epilepsy Surgery 39
FMT Effectiveness Triples that of Conventional Treatment 40
Simulations and Estimations of Interactions between Human Activities and Global Changes 40
Activities and Events 41
Dr. Li Dak-sum Donates HK$100 Million for Chinese Medicine Research 41
‘Best of the Best’ Raises HK$1.6 m for CUHK 41
Building Bridge in Chongqing 42
Promoting Women’s Health in Qinghai 42
Vision Screening for Hong Kong Children 43
Delivering over 1,000 CUHK Mooncakes to the Elderly 43
Intellectual Cross-currents 44
CUHK Hosts Worldwide Universities Network Conference and AGM 44
First Conference on Youth Studies 44
International Conference on Labour, Mobility and Development 45
Green Economy and Technology Forum 45
Roundtable Discussion on Promoting Women Leadership in Higher Education 46
CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing Launches Conference 46
Kepler’s Originator Hunts for Planets Like Our Own 47
Lam Woon-kwong on the Bounty 47
Afforestation Only a Short-term Solution to Global Warming 48
Children’s Issues Forum 48