Bulletin No. 1, 2016

Contents 2 What a University Can Do about Climate Change 4 Is It That Serious? 6 Nature Drops Many Hints 8 Reduction of Food Waste 10 Keep It in the Ground 12 Climate and the City 16 Climate and Health 18 Greener on the Other Side? 20 Humanity and Nature 22 No Effort Too Small, No Effort to Spare 24 Congregations for the Conferment of Degrees 30 Fifteenth Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony 32 As Much Remembrance, As Many Words 40 Familiarity Breeds Interest 44 The Best and the Brightest 46 News in Brief 46 Appointments 48 Honours and Recognitions 51 Research 54 Activities and Events CHINESE UNIVERSITY BULLETIN No. 1, 2016 © The Chinese University of Hong Kong 2016 The Chinese University Bulletin is published biannually by the Information Services Office Address all correspondence to Information Services Office, CUHK, Sha Tin, N.T., Hong Kong SAR, The People's Republic of China E﹣mail iso@cuhk.edu.hk Website www.iso.cuhk.edu.hk/ english/publications/bulletin/ Advisory Committee on Chinese University Bulletin Prof. Ho Che﹣wah Prof. Joseph Man Chan Prof. Simon N. Haines Prof. Lai Pan﹣chiu Mr. Eric S.P. Ng Ms. Amy Y.M. Tsui Mr. Daniel Cheng Mr. Tommy W.K. Cho photo by V’air