Bulletin No. 1, 2016

2 Chinese University Bulletin No. 1, 2016 What a University Can Do about Climate Change limate change has provided a stage for world political leaders to demonstrate their will in saving the planet. Last year in Paris, they were applauded for achieving one of the most significant international initiatives of the century at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21)—to limit the rise of global temperature within 2 o C by 2100. Representatives from the governments came under the spotlight again as they gathered in New York and signed the Paris Agreement on 22 April this year. The date ‘22 April’ also reminds us of Gaylord Nelson, a member of the US Senate who called for a nationwide teach-in on the environment in 1970 and has since been regarded as the founder of Earth Day. However, let us not forget that the main organizers and participants of the first Earth Day in 1970 actually came from the universities. Students played the role of event coordinators while professors and researchers gave speeches on environmental protection. During the period of 16–22 April, 1970 it was estimated that over 1,500 universities and colleges in the US had participated in the week- long activities. The Chinese University had not moved into its unified campus in Shatin until 1972–73. But once it’s settled on the new campus, it’s as if its inhabitants—scholars, staff and students— immediately recognized their calling in the preservation of this naturally endowed campus. Ever y day since then has been Ear th’s Day, celebrated by successive generations of scholars and students who expend their energy and efforts, intellectual and otherwise, on making this part of the globe, and the rest, more habitable. In this issue of the Chinese University Bulletin , we will look at the current crop of CUHK scholars and students of different disciplines and persuasions taking up one of the biggest challenges of our time—to mitigate the effects of climate change through research, education, technological innovations, and public consultancy and services. C