Calendar 1996–97

Introduction 11
Calendar 1996-97 13
Teaching Terms 13
Meetings, Major Events and Holidays 17
PART I Establishment 19
University Officers 21
The Council 23
Council Committees 26
College Board of Trustees 30
The Senate 35
Senate Committees 38
College Assembly of Fellows 43
Advisory Boards and Committees 46
Emeritus Professors 53
Graduates <em>Honoris Causa</em> 54
PART II General Information 59
The University 61
Origin 61
The Ordinance 61
Academic Structure and Policy 62
Finance 63
Lands and Buildings 63
Residential Accommodation 65
Academic Dress 66
Liaison with the World of Learning 67
The Constituent Colleges 70
Chung Chi College 70
New Asia College 71
United College 71
Shaw College 72
PART III Research Units and University Extensions 75
Research Institutes and Centres 77
Institutes of Chinese Studies 77
Art Museum 78
Centre for Chinese Archaeology and Art 78
The Ng Tor-tai Chinese Language Research Centre 78
Research Centre for Contemporary Chinese Culture 78
Research Centre for Translation 79
Research Institute for the Humanities 79
Asia-Pacific Institute of Business 79
Centre for Financial Research on China 80
Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research 80
Hong Kong Cancer Institute 81
Institute of Science and Technology 81
Centre for Environmental Studies 81
Chinese Medicinal Material Research Centre 82
Hong Kong Centre of Sports Medicine and Sports Science 82
Materials Technology Research Centre 83
Institute of Mathematical Sciences 83
Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies 83
Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Limited 84
Faculty and Departmental Research/Consultancy Units 85
The Biotechnology Laboratory 85
Centre for Clinical Trials and Epidemiological Research 85
Clinical Psychology Centre 86
Computer Science and Engineering Consultancy Unit 86
Electronics Consultancy Unit 86
Gynaecology Cancer Research Laboratory 87
Information Engineering Consultancy Unit 87
Marine Science Laboratory 87
Research Laboratory for Food Protein Production 87
Research Laboratory for Food Science 88
Statistical Consulting Services Unit 88
Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Consultancy Unit 88
Teaching Development Unit 88
Unit for Research on Assisted Human Reproduction 89
The Yeung Shui Sang Laboratory for Thermoluminescence of Ancient Ceramics 89
University Extensions 90
School of Continuing Studies 90
New Asia Yale-in-China Chinese Language Centre 91
PART IV Support Facilities, Services and Staff Organizations 93
The Library System 95
Universities Service Centre 96
The Chinese University Press 96
Computer Services Centre/Information Technology Service Unit 97
Services for Students and Student Activities 98
Health Service 99
Sports Facilities 99
The Sir Run Run Shaw Hall 100
Information Services 100
University Publications 100
Staff Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong 101
Teachers' Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong 101
PART V Programmes of Studies 103
Full-time Undergraduate Studies 105
Part-time Undergraduate Studies 172
Postgraduate Studies 183
International Asian Studies Programme 229
PART VI Fees, Scholarships and Financial Aid 231
Fees 233
Scholarships and Financial Aid to Students 237
For Full-time Undergraduates Programmes 237
For Part-time Undergraduates Programmes 246
For Postgraduates Programmes 247
For Overseas Postgraduate Studies 250
For the Office of International Studies Programmes 252
For the Constituent Colleges 252
PART VII University Ordinance and Regulations 261
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance 263
Regulations Governing Admission to Full-time Undergraduate Studies 296
Regulations Governing Admission to Part-time Undergraduate Studies 305
General Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies 308
Regulations Governing Undergraduate Medical Studies 318
Regulations Governing Undergraduate Post-registration Nursing Studies 323
Regulations Governing Undergraduate Pre-registration Nursing Studies 328
Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Primary Education Studies 332
General Regulations Governing Part-time Undergraduate Studies 335
General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies 335
General Rules for Postgraduate Studies Leading to the Degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Music 345
Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine 353
Regulations of the Degree of Doctor of Science 357
Regulations Governing Associate Students, Auditing Students and Associate Research Students 360
Regulations of the University Library System 371
PART VIII Staff List 375
Teaching Departments 377
Faculty of Arts 377
Faculty of Business Administration 386
Faculty of Education 392
Faculty of Engineering 397
Faculty of Medicine 403
Faculty of Science 426
Faculty of Social Science 432
Research Institutes/Centres 439
Asia-Pacific Institute of Business 439
Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies 439
Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology 440
Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research 441
Institute of Chinese Studies 441
Institute of Science and Technology 444
Research Institute for the Humanities 445
Institute of Mathematical Sciences 446
Ancillary Academic Units 447
Office of General Education 447
Office of International Studies Programmes 447
School of Continuing Studies 448
New Asia Yale-in-China Chinese Language Centre 448
Library System 449
Universities Service Centre 450
The Hong Kong-America Center 450
The Chinese University Press 451
Computer Services Centre 451
Information Technology Service Unit 452
Administrative and Service Units 454
Vice-Chancellor's Office 454
Registry 454
Secretariat 455
Bursary 456
Personnel Office 457
Internal Audit Office 457
Buildings Office 458
Office of Student Affairs 458
University Health Service 459
Office of Academic Links (China) 460
Office of Academic Links (International) 460
Research Administration Office 460
Office of Director of Administrative Services 460
Other Service Units 461
Colleges 464
Chung Chi College 464
New Asia College 465
United College 466
Shaw College 466
Appendices 469
Student Enrolment 471
Campus Map 481