Calendar 2000–01

Tel.: 2609 7392 Fax.: 2603 5149 E-mail: The centre has its origin in the Chinese Linguistics Research Centre which was first established in 1966. In early 1979, it was expanded into the Chinese Language Research Centre, and in 1980 it was further renamed The Ng Tor-tai Chinese Language Research Centre. The main objective of the centre is to engage in comprehensive research on the Chinese language including areas such as the Chinese script, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, and to make available to the public as well as teachers of Chinese the results of its research, in the hope of raising the standard of Chinese language teaching in Hong Kong. Tel.: 2609 7394 Fax.: 2603 5149 E-mail: The centre was established in August 1993 and its research activities concentrate on three main areas: interpretation of modern Chinese history; various aspects of modern Chinese culture, including religion; and comparative studies of modernization. It publishes four series of books, and sponsors a regular series of seminars and two public lectureships. Tel.: 2609 7399 Fax.: 2603 5110 E-mail: In 1971, a Centre for Translation Projects was established with a grant from the Asia Foundation. It was renamed Research Centre for Translation in 1983. The centre has concerned itself with research in translation studies and the publication of Chinese literature in English translation. Centre publications include the English-language journal, Renditions , published semiannually since 1973, as well as the Renditions Books and Renditions Paperbacks series. The centre has strong links with major centres of translation studies on the mainland, in Europe and the US. Since the mid-1990s it has been spearheading research into the Chinese translation tradition. It also serves as an information clearing house in the field of translation studies in this part of the world. The centre offers a number of prestigious fellowships and awards: the Renditions Fellowship invites translators of world renown to carry out a chosen translation project; the Renditions Research Fellowship attracts distinguished international researchers of translation history, theory and criticism; and the Stephen C. Soong Annual Translation Studies Awards honour academics who have made significant contribution to Chinese translation studies every year.