Calendar 2000–01

Chinese Studies , Renditions , Chinese Language Newsletter , and Twenty-First Century , and maintains a long-term project on constructing a comprehensive database of CHinese ANcient Texts (the CHANT Database). The reference reading room of the institute contains 32,320 volumes of books and 318 periodicals. Tel.: 2609 7416 Fax.: 2603 5366 E-mail: Website: The Art Museum, established in 1971 as the Art Gallery, serves as a university museum and a research centre for Chinese art and antiquities. Along with semi- permanent displays of its collection, the museum mounts special exhibitions and organizes lectures and symposia to promote the appreciation and understanding of Chinese art. The museum collection consists of over 7,000 pieces of Chinese art from the Neolithic to modern periods, including painting and calligraphy, rubbings of ancient calligraphy, seals, ceramics, jades, bronzes, lacquerwares, and objects for the scholar’s studio. Notable among them are archaic seals, calligraphic rubbings, painting and calligraphy by Guangdong artists, and trade ceramics from kilns of southern China. The Art Museum publishes fully illustrated catalogues of special exhibitions and monographs of its collection. The Annex provides technical support for the museum. This includes the conservation of works of art, the mounting of Chinese painting, woodwork, photographic and graphic design services. The Friends of the Art Museum was founded in 1981 to support the Art Museum and to promote its activities. Membership is open to the public. Tel.: 2609 7371 Fax.: 2603 7539 The centre was established in 1978 to undertake research in Chinese archaeology and art. The purpose was to pool the resources of the Art Museum and the departments of history, fine arts, and anthropology to promote research cooperation with museums and universities in mainland China and abroad. Recently the centre has shifted the emphasis to field archaeology, and its field work team has become active in local excavations as well as collaborative projects with research institutes on the mainland and in southeast Asia. The centre has published several series of monographs and books on specialized subjects.