Calendar 2000–01

# The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business Tel.: 2609 7428 Fax.: 2603 5136 E-mail: The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business (APIB) was established in 1990. Its overall objective is to assist managers and companies in meeting challenges of the future and to enhance the growth and prosperity of Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region through training, consultancy and research activities, which include: • Promoting and coordinating management training programmes for business executives at various levels. Senior executive programmes focus on strategy formulation and leadership skills while middle management programmes emphasize the development and refinement of core skills in functional areas of business management. Tailor-made in-house programmes are also provided to meet the specific needs of individual companies. • Coordinating and conducting research on major issues and problems which confront managers in the Asia-Pacific region. • Providing consultancy services for individual businesses. • Publishing working papers and sponsoring symposia and conferences so as to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between managers and researchers. The institute’s activities are governed by a management board comprising senior members of the University. The board sets the institute’s agenda and direction to ensure that its activities are geared to meeting the critical needs of the business community. $ Tel.: 2609 7898 Fax.: 2603 6840 E-mail: Established in 1998, the Centre for Chinese Business Studies is committed to the study of the management of Chinese businesses. Currently, the centre is working on research projects related to: • the governance and performance of listed companies in mainland China; • the diversification strategies of Chinese enterprises; • the reform of state-owned enterprises in China; • human resource management issues of firms operating in China; • reforms in financial markets and institutions in China; • competitiveness, regional foreign direct investment and policy; and • lessons and experiences of reforms in other Chinese economies.