Calendar 2000–01

#% & Tel.: 2609 7430 Fax.: 2603 5136 E-mail: The APIB’s Centre for Financial Research on China (CFRC) was established in June 1994 to support research on China’s financial markets and provide related training and consultancy services. It promotes interaction between academics and practitioners in the region and serves as a clearing house for financial data and research on the financial markets on the mainland and in Hong Kong. The centre runs three major programmes: • The CFRC Financial Markets Database Programme, set up to support academic and applied research. The database comprises a China and Hong Kong Financial Derivatives Database with data on futures, options and mutual funds on the mainland and in Hong Kong; and a Mainland China Database with financial data, company profile and equity price data of public companies on the mainland. • The Publication/Research Programme, set up to promote and publish interdisciplinary, comparative and applied research on capital markets in the region. • The Training/Conference Programme, set up to develop consultancy and training programmes for the securities industry in Hong Kong and on the mainland, and organize international conferences on the region’s capital markets. ! ' Tel.: 2609 8798 Fax.: 2603 7724 E-mail: The mission of the Centre for Hospitality and Real Estate Research is to conduct industry-oriented research and arrange executive training. It will conduct research projects that are relevant to the hotel, restaurant, airlines, tourism and related hospitality industries, and take part in policy discussion. Besides, the centre will also disseminate research findings and review frontier knowledge for executives operating in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. Under the guidance of the Advisory Committee on Hotel Management, the centre will work closely with industry executives and launch different research projects. The mode of operation will be similar to the Marketing Science Institute in Boston and the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University. Industry sponsors will help define key issues, give expert advice and interpretation, donate financial resources, and/or provide access to data, management, and employees. Academic researchers will provide theorizing power, research methodology, research time, and research connection.