Calendar 2000–01

#- for Cancer located at the Prince of Wales Hospital, which was officially opened on 7th November 1994. The centre provides clinical and counselling services through a paediatric oncology ward, out-patient and day-patient facilities for adults, and a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities. There are three floors of laboratory space providing over 3,500 square metres for cancer research. Institute of Chinese Medicine Tel.: 2609 6140 Fax.: 2603 5248 E-mail: Website: Having inherited the fine tradition and research strength of the former Chinese Medicinal Material Research Centre, and drawing on the rich experience in clinical trials from the Prince of Wales Hospital, the Institute of Chinese Medicine (ICM) aims to elevate Chinese medicine research in Hong Kong to a higher plane. Set up in January 2000, the ICM is made up of five sections: Clinical Trials, Drug Development, Information, Public and General Education, and Standardization and Safety of Chinese Medicine. The Clinical Trials Section, based at the Prince of Wales Hospital, engages in multilateral trials of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. It conducts evidence- based and scientific clinical trials in the authentication of traditional medicinal herbs and treatments. The Drug Development Section, coordinated by the School of Pharmacy, develops Chinese medicine with proven efficacy, turning them into high-level drugs. The Chinese Medicine Museum of the Information Section houses over 2,500 kinds of medicinal materials, and its Chinese Medicine Library contains professional publications and journals in the field, as well as major publications related to Chinese medicine published over the last three decades. The Public and General Education Section will participate in the Chinese medicine theme park project in Ma Wan, and other large-scale public education programmes in Chinese medicine. The Standardization and Safety of Chinese Medicine Section has rich experience in authentication work, and will be involved in the quality control and safety assurance of various Chinese medicinal materials and health food. It also helps local and overseas organizations in analysing suspected cases of poisoning. Current research foci of the ICM include treatments for cancer, ageing, chronic diseases, diabetic foot ulcer, detoxification, allergic illnesses, gynaecological diseases, and heart disease.