Calendar 2000–01

# Institute of Mathematical Sciences Tel.: 2609 8038 Fax.: 2603 7636 E-mail: The mathematical sciences are in a period of unprecedented growth. Sophisticated mathematical and computational tools are rapidly bridging the gap between abstract theory and applications in science, engineering and other disciplines. The University thus set up the Institute of Mathematical Sciences in 1993 to promote research in relevant fields — pure and applied mathematics, large scale scientific computation, nonlinear sciences, image processing, mathematical and theoretical physics, statistics, and probability. Emphasis is on their interaction and linkage with the physical sciences, engineering, industry, and commerce. The institute’s major research projects are led by senior academics in the institute and the departments of mathematics, physics, and statistics. The institute also organizes international mathematical conferences to promote academic exchange. The institute’s objectives are to promote and stimulate research in new frontiers, train and nurture young scientists, attract grants and contracts from governmental organizations and the private sector, and develop into a centre of excellence. The institute now offers postgraduate study programmes for both master and doctoral degrees. It also runs a postdoctoral fellowship programme and a short-term visitor programme. The institute regularly organizes postgraduate courses, academic colloquia and workshops, and lecture series by academic visitors. It also publishes a series of research reports, and runs three international research journals. Activities in the pipeline include yearly programmes in geometrical analysis; nonlinear evolution partial differential equations and computational fluid dynamics; numerical and theoretical analysis of inverse problems; harmonic functions, fractals and wavelets. The institute also plans to strengthen collaboration with institutions on the mainland and abroad, and to lead research in the region. Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies Tel.: 2609 8780 Fax.: 2603 5215 E-mail: Established in 1990, the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies replaces the former Institute of Social Studies and its two research centres — the Centre for Hong Kong Studies and the Centre for Contemporary Asian Studies, and aspires to become a research and academic centre of excellence in the interrelated study of Hong Kong, mainland China, and the Asia-Pacific region. With its focus on social science research, the institute plans strategic research programmes on the Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific economies as they develop in the 1990s and beyond. Topics include economic competitiveness and cooperation,