Calendar 2000–01

# / 0 1 Tel.: 2609 6538 Fax.: 2603 5006 E-mail: The Joint Laboratory for Geoinformation Science (JLGIS) was established in 1997 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and The Chinese University to provide a base for interdisciplinary and collaborative research in geoinformation science, which includes subjects like remote sensing, geographic modelling, the integration of geoinformation systems, and global positioning systems. The laboratory is also a base for local and international education and training programmes in geoinformation science and technology and their applications. It is staffed by scholars from the Institute of Remote Sensing Application and the Institute of Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and academics from the University’s various faculties. Their research interests cover earth observation methods and systems, spatio-temporal modelling and visualization, geographic information system design and integration, open geographical modelling environment, artificial intelligence and expert systems, remote sensing image analysis and processing, virtual reality, urban GIS and housing development, investment environment information systems, spatial population analysis, land surface stability monitoring and modelling, and watershed management systems. Tel.: 2609 8276 Fax.: 2603 5558 E-mail: Established in 1992, the centre provides a base for interdisciplinary and collaborative research on materials. Activities include the analysis of the structure and properties of advanced materials, the development of applications for new materials, and the synthesis and processing of new materials to serve the needs of local industries. To accomplish such tasks, a tandem accelerator worth HK$8 million was installed in March 1997 for ion beam analysis — Rutherford back-scattering spectroscopy, ion channelling, nuclear reaction analysis, particle induced X-ray emission, elastic recoil detection, MeV ion implantation, and ion beam mixing for the modification of materials. This facility is the only one of its type in Hong Kong and southern China. The research centre is staffed by faculty members of the departments of physics, chemistry, mechanical and automation engineering, and electronic engineering, whose research interests cover elemental and compound semiconductors, exotic ceramics, and metal alloys. Particular emphasis is placed on studies of the properties of many materials and their processing in various forms — single crystal, heteroepitaxial, microcrystalline, amorphous, and porous.