Calendar 2000–01

Apart from the 10 major institutes for interdisciplinary research, there are a number of smaller research/consultancy units set up under the auspices of individual faculties and departments to promote research in various subject disciplines. They are listed below in alphabetical order. Tel.: 2609 6807 Fax.: 2603 5123 E-mail: The Biotechnology Laboratory was established in 1986 with a special grant from The Croucher Foundation and Dr. Ho Tim. Located on the fourth floor of the Basic Medical Sciences Building, the laboratory is operated jointly by the departments of biochemistry and biology. It is well equipped for performing experiments in molecular biology and recombinant DNA work. Amajor goal of the laboratory is to identify areas of research in biotechnology which are of local relevance. Ongoing major research projects include the cloning of fish growth hormone receptor gene, the production of recombinant fish growth hormone, studies on the structural modification of an abortifacient plant protein, identification of unique genes associated with the human heart. The laboratory also serves as an education centre. Its facilities are available to students of the MPhil programme in biotechnology as well as undergraduates taking courses in this area. To promote a wider interest in biotechnology, the laboratory also organizes workshops on special topics for both local and overseas researchers. Tel.: 2648 9306 Fax.: 2637 6274 E-mail: The Brain Disease Laboratory conducts clinical and multidisciplinary laboratory research on diseases related to the human nervous system. Based at the Department of Anatomical and Cellular Pathology, the laboratory was set up by a grant from F aculty and Departmental Research/ Consultancy Units