Calendar 2000–01

the Ho Sin Hang Education Endowment Fund and the University’s One-time Support Fund. The laboratory accommodates research scientists, fellows and students from diverse disciplines engaged in research on molecular genetics of brain tumours, neurodegenerative diseases in Chinese, and animal models of diffuse and focal brain injuries. Tel.: 2609 8308 Fax.: 2603 5505 E-mail: The Centre for the Advancement of E-commerce Technologies (AECT) is a cross- disciplinary centre established by the Faculty of Engineering in November 1999, in collaboration with Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and other industrial partners. The mission of AECT is to foster excellence in the development of knowledge and tools to facilitate commerce on the web, and more broadly, to support operational decisions and Internet strategies in an information-intensive and technology-based economy. AECT conducts basic and applied research in three broad areas of technology: Internet and information systems technologies, enterprise solution technologies, and emerging e-commerce-centric technologies. A major focus of AECT is to develop a select set of ‘E-commerce Pilots’ — local firms (including those in manufacturing, banking, retail, and other service sectors) that are committed to adopting e-commerce technologies and setting up business operations on the Internet. Through its faculty, students, and other professionals, AECT will assist the pilots in training, business re-engineering, and system deployment. In addition, AECT will organize workshops and certificate programmes for a broader range of firms to help professionals acquire the relevant skills in e-commerce. A new cross-disciplinary MSc Programme in E-commerce has been developed, and will be offered in the fall of 2000. AECT’s pilot and training programmes will provide real-world projects to enrich the student’s educational experience in the programme. Tel.: 2637 4755 Fax.: 2645 3098 E-mail: Website: The centre was established in 1988 under the Faculty of Medicine to pool resources and expertise to develop biostatistics, clinical trials and epidemiological research in Hong Kong. The centre currently runs four programmes. The Biostatistics Programme offers free consultation services to faculty members and contracted services to non-faculty members; these cover research design, preparation of research