Calendar 2000–01

!' (# " # Tel.: 2632 1044 Fax.: 2637 3852 The Centre for Nutritional Studies was established under the Faculty of Medicine in March 1997 to conduct research relevant to Hong Kong, to promote awareness of the importance of nutrition among students, health care workers, and the public, and to interact with similar organizations in other countries, especially those in the Asian Pacific region. Current activities include the assessment of dietary habits and nutritional status of all age groups in the community, recommending optimum dietary practices, investigating the relationship between specific nutrients and health, and designing nutritional support menus for patients in various clinical states. It also plans to launch educational programmes to promote nutritional awareness, and to conduct research projects targeted at over-nutrition in children as well as adults, obesity, the role of diet in cardiovascular health, the role of calcium in osteoporosis, and institutional undernutrition. ) Tel.: 2609 6860 Fax.: 2603 5295 E-mail: In the face of a global trend towards cost containment, health care providers are striving to provide high-quality patient care in the least expensive way. Pharmacoeconomics research aims to measure and compare the costs, risks, and benefits of health care programmes, with a view to identifying the most cost- effective interventions. This increased interest in pharmacoeconomics and the absence of systemic organized activities in Hong Kong led to the establishment of a Centre for Pharmacoeconomics Research (CPER) in 1999, with the director of the School of Pharmacy as the convener. Members of this multi-disciplinary centre are drawn from those specializing in health economics, epidemiology, medicine, pharmacy, biostatistics, social sciences, and hospital administration. In addition to undertaking high-quality research in pharmacoeconomics, the centre has as its primary objective the provision of continuous education for professionals or those interested in the discipline. Activities of the centre include regular public lectures by internationally renowned speakers, research collaboration with other organizations, establishment of a local chapter of international societies, and the running of international conferences.