Calendar 2000–01

!* " Tel.: 2609 6275 Fax.: 2603 5204 E-mail: The Yeung Shui Sang Laboratory for Thermoluminescence (TL) of Ancient Ceramics was established at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1986 with a generous donation from Mr. Yeung Wing-Tak. The lab began to offer its service of TL dating of ceramics to the public in 1987. It has recently been re-organized to meet new demands of the customers and is now operating as a part of the Centre of Scientific Analysis of Ancient Artifacts. Newly established in August 2000, the Centre of Scientific Analysis of Ancient Artifacts is created to link modern scientific methodology to archaeology and art and to forge collaboration with research institutes in China and overseas. It contains a research component and a service component, and will apply research findings to its authentication and archaeological dating services. + " ) Tel.: 2948 3201 Fax.: 2603 7551 E-mail: The Centre for University and School Partnership was established in 1998 to foster and co-ordinate partnership programmes between university and schools in the improvement of education quality in Hong Kong. Ongoing activities of the centre are the adaptation and implementation of the Accelerated Schools Project, Programmes for the Gifted and Talented, Home-School Collaboration Project, Project of Quality Early-Childhood Education for All, Study on the Effectiveness of Public-sector Secondary Schools, and the Newly Arrived Children Curriculum Research Project. The objectives of the centre are: • establishing partnerships with schools on request; • providing practical solutions for emerging educational issues and current educational demands in the local context; • helping partner schools to analyse their own situations and needs; • organizing consultancy teams to work with partner schools; • designing school-based or school-wide strategies for school improvement and quality teaching and learning; • implementing school improvement strategies with partner schools and evaluating the results; • generating experiences and models in ‘technology transfer’ for future university-school partnership schemes; • strengthening the relationship between the University and schools in improving the overall quality of education in Hong Kong.