Calendar 2000–01

! % 2 5 # - # Tel.: 2632 3138 Fax.: 2632 3108 E-mail: The aim of the foundation is to promote clinical and basic research in diabetes and related diseases and to improve the delivery of medical care to patients with these diseases in both Hong Kong and mainland China. Members of the foundation include local and overseas clinical and scientific personnel involved in diabetes research and management. The missions of the foundation include: • the establishment of scholarships and awards for both clinical and basic scientists in Hong Kong and mainland China to conduct research in diabetes and related diseases; • the collaboration with leading academic institutions and other international organizations to develop research and development programmes in diabetes and related diseases, including the scientific use of traditional Chinese medicine; • the organization of scientific meetings and training courses to promote academic exchange between local and overseas investigators; • the development of evidence-based disease management programmes and the evaluation of their cost-effectiveness in health care delivery. & # + Tel.: 2609 8385 Fax.: 2603 5032 E-mail: Established in 1994, the Information Engineering Consultancy Unit is managed by the Department of Information Engineering. Its main function is to provide industrial, commercial, and academic communities with consultancy services such as expert advice, feasibility studies, system design and analysis, project planning and management, hardware and software implementation, system performance evaluation, and organizing short courses, customized training programmes and workshops. The unit is fully supported by the academic and technical staff of the department, whose areas of specialization and industrial experiences cover a wide spectrum of areas in communications and information processing. In communications, their expertise areas include broadband ISDN, Internet engineering, inter-networking and network management, wireless communications, system performance evaluation, multimedia communications, switching, optical communication, and lightwave networks. In information processing, their expertise areas include information and coding theory, data compression, Chinese language processing, visual information processing, man- machine interface and interactive systems, decision support systems, and expert systems.