Calendar 2000–01

# Tel.: 2609 7005/7007 (Department of English), 2609 7911 (Department of Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies) Fax.: 2603 5270 (Department of English), 2603 7755 (Department of Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies) E-mail: , The Linguistics Research Laboratory, set up in 1985, has grown from a phonetics laboratory into a more general laboratory which supports linguistics-related teaching and research. The laboratory provides a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration in linguistic and applied linguistics research. The research interests of the laboratory members cover a wide range of topics, including lexicon and morphology, syntax and semantics, phonetics and phonology, first and second language acquisition, corpus linguistics, sign language linguistics, applied linguistics, testing and evaluation. The laboratory is equipped with personal computers dedicated to speech analysis and to the analysis of first and second language corpora, particularly corpora contributed by various staff projects. The laboratory is jointly run by the Department of English and the Department of Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies. - " Tel.: 2609 6773 Fax.: 2603 5391 E-mail: The Marine Science Laboratory was established in 1970 under the Department of Biology as a research centre for advanced studies in marine science. Current research is focused on the physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology of marine animals, especially that of fish and shrimps, in relation to fisheries and mariculture. Another major research area is the biology and ecology of planktonic and coral reef organisms in the waters of Hong Kong and southern China. The laboratory is equipped with research and teaching laboratories, an air- conditioned aquarium, a hatchery house with a recirculatory seawater system, 20 indoor and outdoor culture tanks, and a speed boat. -# # . Tel.: 2632 3309 Fax.: 2646 3020 E-mail: The Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory was established as a part of the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology in 1983. In recent years, the laboratory has been undergoing expansion and consolidation. The objectives of the laboratory are: • to identify clinical problems related to the musculoskeletal system; • to improve the depth and breadth of clinical and basic research related to the musculoskeletal system;