Calendar 2000–01

/ " )# % ) + Tel.: 2632 3639 Fax.: 2637 7884 The Social and Public Health Psychiatry Unit was established in March 1999 with a view to promoting research that is relevant to the sociocultural and public health aspects of a variety of mental and behavioural disorders that accompany social change, such as depression, neurasthenia, substance abuse, suicide and eating disorders in Chinese society. These include, among others, the epidemiology of mental disorders, primary care psychiatry, women’s health, stigma, access to care, health policy development, and the interactions between biology and local culture. " # " + Tel.: 2609 7931 Fax.: 2603 5188 E-mail: The Statistical Consulting Services Unit is a consulting unit established in 1984 under the Department of Statistics. Its objective is to encourage the proper use of statistical methodology and to provide statistical expertise to colleagues on campus and to outside organizations. Statistical areas in which consultation may be provided include data analysis, design of experiments, analysis of categorical data, medical statistics, multiple logistic regression, social and business statistics, structural equation models, regression analysis, quality control, and time series analysis. " - # + Tel.: 2609 8313 Fax.: 2603 5505 E-mail: A Systems Engineering Consultancy Unit was established in 1991 under the Department of Systems Engineering. With the latter’s change of name to the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management in 1994–95, the unit too was renamed Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Consultancy Unit. It provides the industrial sector and the academic community with consulting services such as expert advice, feasibility study, system analysis and design, simulation, software and hardware development, customized seminars, and training courses. The unit is fully supported by the academic staff of the department, whose areas of specialization and industrial experience cover the main branches of systems engineering and engineering management, including information systems, financial engineering, E-commerce, machine intelligence, system sciences, system modelling, systems optimization, production management, management and decision science, and information management.