Calendar 2000–01

Faculty of Arts Tel.: 2609 7069 Fax.: 2603 6048 E-mail: The department offers an undergraduate programme that emphasizes both Chinese language and Chinese literature. Students are taught the main features of the Chinese language and its development from ancient to modern times. Through studies of both classical and modern literary works, they are also trained to understand the development of Chinese literature and intellectual thinking, and to acquire the skills of literary appreciation, criticism, and writing. The department also cooperates with the Faculty of Education in offering courses in Chinese language and literature for the BEd Degree Programme in Language Education. Tel.: 2609 7005/2609 7007 Fax.: 2603 5270 E-mail: The department offers foundation and elective courses in literature (English and American literature and comparative studies), linguistics (English and applied linguistics), and English language training. Foundation courses are designed to equip students with basic knowledge, while elective courses focus on specialized studies. Students are encouraged to learn and think critically and independently to acquire an all-round training in literature and language studies involving English. D epartment Profiles