Calendar 2000–01

concentrating in finance will be able to understand the conceptual framework of modern finance, as well as analyse and solve practical financial problems. Teachers in the department have a good track record of research in theoretical and empirical finance and economics, and their findings have been published in reputable professional journals and books. In collaboration with other departments in the faculties of business administration, engineering, and science, the department also introduced a BSc programme in quantitative finance in 1998–99, which offers courses in business, mathematics, statistics, and engineering. Graduates from the programme will be able to work in general business or finance areas, and have a good knowledge of derivatives and financial investment instruments. Tel.: 2609 8590 Fax.: 2603 7724 E-mail: Website: The school offers the first undergraduate degree programme in Hong Kong that integrates hotel management with business administration. The basic objective of the BBA Programme in Hotel Management is to train managers to make investment decisions and conduct business operations in hotel, tourism, and real estate industries. The curriculum emphasizes both theory and practice. In addition to the summer industry practicum, students are required to take core courses in business administration similar to those required of majors in the Integrated BBA Programme, as well as courses in hotel and tourism management, hospitality real estate, and hospitality strategic management. The school has established formal student and faculty exchange programmes with the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. Tel.: 2609 7898 Fax.: 2603 5104/2603 6840 E-mail: The department prepares students for careers in general management, human resource management, and innovation and change management in all types of organizations. Emphasis is laid on a systematic and rational approach to managing organizations through planning, organizing, leading, communicating, and controlling. Students are taught how to lead and manage a business enterprise successfully, and to identify the long and short term implications of business strategies.