Calendar 2000–01

Faculty of Science Tel.: 2609 6875 Fax.: 2603 5123 E-mail: The department offers a full-fledged undergraduate programme that deals with the nature of biochemical molecules and the chemical basis of life. The curriculum is designed using an integrative and multidisciplinary approach. The department teaches both medical and pharmacy students as well as students majoring in biochemistry, food and nutritional science, environmental science and molecular biotechnology. Areas of research undertaken by staff include biotechnology, human genomics, bioinformatics, Chinese medicinal materials, immunology and cancer, transgenic animals, hormone action, and neurochemistry. The department also offers a postgraduate programme leading to a master or doctoral degree in biochemistry. Tel: 2609 6348 Fax: 2603 5646 E-mail: The department offers a wide variety of courses in its undergraduate programme, ranging from molecular biology and genetic engineering to ecology. While teaching fundamental knowledge in the biological sciences and laboratory skills, the programme also emphasizes new concepts, knowledge, and technology in the discipline. Equipped with modern facilities, the department engages actively in research, with special focus on molecular biology/biotechnology, marine science, environmental pollution/toxicology, food science, and neutraceutics. Last year in 1999, the department’s project on ‘Plant and Fungal Technology’ was selected one of the first three UGC-supported areas of excellence in Hong Kong. Tel.: 2609 6344 Fax.: 2603 5057 E-mail: The department offers programmes leading to the BSc (Chemistry), BSc (Chemistry with Management Studies), MPhil, and PhD degrees. Built on a framework that integrates analytical, inorganic, organic, physical and theoretical/ computational chemistry and supplemented by courses on special topics, the undergraduate programme provides a balanced training in modern chemistry with emphasis on both theory and experiment. The newly launched Chemistry with Management Studies Stream offers chemistry students an opportunity to develop management skills if they are considering a career in industrial management