Calendar 2000–01

Tel.: 2609 7035 Fax.: 2603 5805 E-mail: One of the top-ranking economics departments in Asia in terms of the volume of staff publications, the Department of Economics offers undergraduate courses in theory, applications, and analytical skills, with special reference to Hong Kong, mainland China, and East Asia. With over 20 full-time teachers, the department runs the largest undergraduate economics programme and also the largest MPhil programme in economics among local universities. Graduates of the department predominate in the territory’s research economist positions. Tel.: 2609 6529 Fax.: 2603 5006 E-mail: Website: The department trains students in the understanding of the complex interactions between natural resources, the environment, and society. The programme of studies equips students with skills to analyse, interpret, plan, and manage aspects of such interactions at local, regional and international levels. Teaching and research concentrate on three areas: geographical techniques, physical and environmental systems, and urban and development studies. Special emphasis is placed on the analysis and interpretation of data using the latest information technology and satellite image analysing tools. The department also maintains an extensive environmental monitoring network and an NOAA satellite receiver. Tel.: 2609 7530 Fax.: 2603 5229 The department runs a major programme leading to the BSSc in government and public administration and a minor programme in law. It also administers postgraduate programmes leading to MSSc, MPhil and PhD degrees. Over 40 courses are offered in the areas of political theory, comparative government, international relations, political economy, gender politics, public administration, public policy, constitutional law, administrative law, international law, criminal law, jurisprudence, and legal systems. ! Tel.: 2609 7680 Fax.: 2603 5007 E-mail: The school offers a programme on the production, transmission, and impact of all kinds of messages, with special emphasis on analytical skills and ways of