Calendar 2000–01

Faculty of Social Science Tel.: 2609 7670/2609 7677 Fax.: 2603 5218 E-mail: Website: The department is an internationally recognized centre for the study of culture and identity, in particular issues relating to ethnic, regional, and national identity that accompany the dramatic economic growth in south China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, east and southeast Asia. Students receive systemic training on ethnographic and other fieldwork methods, and can select from a variety of courses that focus on the cultural aspects of marriage and the family, gender, business, politics, language, religion, films, and food. The department has also been developing new courses in migration, interaction between indigenous and foreign cultures, and the emergence of an interlinked global culture. In 1997, a minor programme in gender studies was established to bring together existing gender-related courses offered by various departments, so that students may use different theoretical perspectives and methods to explore how humans are socially and culturally constructed gender beings such as ‘women’ and ‘men’, and how this shapes the way they live their lives, their political and economic structures, and their belief systems. Tel.: 2609 6517 Fax.: 2603 5267 E-mail: Internet: The department provides undergraduate and postgraduate programmes leading to professional careers in architecture and related fields. The focus is on designing efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing buildings and sustainable environments, and the provision of a broad education about the built environment. Research areas cover information technology, housing in Hong Kong and on the mainland, sustainable design, design pedagogy, computational design, professional practice, environmental technology, building materials, construction, adaptation reuse and preservation, vernacular architecture, urban design, and architectural history. In April 2000, the department achieved full accreditation by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) and the Architects Registration Board (ARB) with the participation of the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) and the National Board of Architectural Association of China (NBAA).