Calendar 2000–01

Faculty of Business Administration Code Course Title ACY 1111 Introductory Accounting I ACY 1112 Introductory Accounting II DSE 1021 Basic Quantitative Methods for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry DSE 1031 Basic Economics for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry DSE 3050 Information System and E-commerce FIN 2010 Financial Management HMG 1010 Management of Hospitality Business HMG 3010 Management of Lodging Facilities HMG 3020 Hospitality Organization Behaviour HMG 3030 Hospitality Real Estate HMG 3040 Business and Hospitality Law HMG 3050 Travel and Tourism Management HMG 3060 Service and Hospitality Quality Management HMG 3070 Food and Beverage Management HMG 3080 Hospitality Facilities Planning, Development and Management HMG 4800 Hospitality Strategic Management HMG 4900 Fieldwork and Internship MGT 2040 Human Resource Management MKT 2010 Marketing Management HMG 4010 Human Resources Planning and Staffing for Hospitality Business HMG 4020 Hospitality Real Estate Finance HMG 4030 Hospitality Sales Force Management HMG 4040 Financial Management and Cost Control for Hospitality Organizations HMG 4050 Franchising and Multi-unit Management in the Hospitality Industry HMG 4060 Property Investment and Feasibility Study HMG 4070 Services Marketing HMG 4080 Training and Development for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry HMG 4090 International Hospitality Business and Management HMG 4100 Real Estate Valuation HMG 4110 Information Technology for Service Industry HMG 4120 Convention and Meeting Planning Management HMG 4130 Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry HMG 4140 Marketing Research for Service Industry HMG 4500 Seminar in Global Hospitality Management and Property Markets