Calendar 2000–01

! " (Effective from August 2000, all ITB courses will be offered by other departments in the Faculty of Business Administration. The new codes next to the existing ones (ITB) indicate the departments now in charge.) Code Course Title ACY 1111 Introductory Accounting I ACY 1112 Introductory Accounting II ACY 2151 Business Law BBA 2050 Basic Business Research DSE 1030 Economics for Business Studies I DSE 1040 Economics for Business Studies II DSE 2010 Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions I DSE 2020 Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions II DSE 2030 Operations Management DSE 3050 Information Systems and E-commerce ELT 3110 Communication for Business FIN 2010 Financial Management ITB 2010/MGT 2510 Introduction to International Business MGT 1010 Introduction to Business (not for majors) MGT 1020 Principles of Management MGT 2040 Human Resource Management MGT 4010 Business Policy and Strategy MKT 2010 Marketing Management ACY 2111 Intermediate Accounting I ACY 2112 Intermediate Accounting II ACY 2121 Cost and Management Accounting ACY 2122 Advanced Management Accounting ACY 2141 Accounting Information Systems ACY 2161 H.K. Taxes for Non-accounting Majors ACY 2211 Accounting for Not-for-profit Organizations ACY 3111 Advanced Accounting ACY 3131 Auditing ACY 3141 E-commerce and Accounting ACY 3151 Company Law ACY 3161 Taxation ACY 3211 Issues in Financial Accounting ACY 3212 International Accounting ACY 3213 Accounting Framework in China ACY 3214 Financial Statement Analysis ACY 3231 Advanced Auditing ACY 3232 Computer Systems Auditing ACY 3241 Decision Support and Intelligent Systems for Accounting