Calendar 2000–01

Code Course Title ARC 1011 Introduction to Design I ARC 1021 Introduction to Design II ARC 1211 Graphics and Visual Design I ARC 1310 Architectural History and Theory I ARC 1320 Introduction to Architecture ARC 1410 Introduction to Building Technology ARC 1510 Introduction to Environmental Technology ARC 2011 Architectural Design I ARC 2021 Architectural Design II ARC 2110 Introduction to Computer Aided Design ARC 2222 Graphics and Visual Design II ARC 2322 Architectural History and Theory II ARC 2410 Building Structures ARC 2510 Environmental Technology ARC 2610 Site Planning and Activities ARC 2611 Site Planning ARC 3010 Architectural Design III ARC 3020 Architectural Design IV ARC 3110 Advanced Computer Aided Design ARC 3302 History of Cities ARC 3311 Architectural History and Theory III ARC 3410 Structural Systems Integration ARC 3420 Materials and Construction ARC 3511 Building Systems Integration ARC 3702 Building Programming ARC 3710 Introduction to Office Practice ARC 4101–4103 Special Studies in Computer Aided Design ARC 4201–4203 Special Studies in Graphics and Visual Studies ARC 4301–4303 Special Studies in Architectural History ARC 4401–4403 Special Studies in Building Structures ARC 4501–4503 Special Studies in Environmental Technology ARC 4601–4603 Special Studies in Behavioural Studies ARC 4701–4703 Special Studies in Architectural Management ARC 4801–4808 Special Studies in Design Theory Code Course Title ECO 0411 Guided Study in Current Economic Problems ECO 1010 Perspectives in Economics ECO 1011 Basic Microeconomics ECO 1021 Basic Macroeconomics ECO 1111 Quantitative Methods in Economics I