Calendar 2000–01

Faculty of Social Science Code Course Title ANT 0120 Understanding Anthropology ANT 0220 World Ethnography ANT 0320 Field Research in Anthropology ANT 1010 Humans and Culture ANT 1310 Marriage, Family and Kinship ANT 1410 Culture of Hong Kong ANT 1710 Understanding Archaeology ANT 2110 Anthropological Theory ANT 2210 Anthropological Field Methods ANT 2230 Anthropology of Film ANT 2300 Economic Anthropology ANT 2310 Gender and Culture ANT 2320 Culture and Behaviour ANT 2330 Gender in Asia ANT 2401–3 Topics in Ethnography ANT 2410 Chinese Culture and Society ANT 2440 Ethnography of China ANT 2450 Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia ANT 2460 Cultures of Japan and Korea ANT 2510 Culture and Business ANT 2620 The Nature of Language ANT 2630 Language and Society ANT 2710 Archaeology of China ANT 2720 Archaeology of Hong Kong ANT 3010 Senior Thesis Research I ANT 3020 Senior Thesis Research II ANT 3110 Human and Cultural Evolution ANT 3220 Visual Anthropology ANT 3310 Religion and Culture ANT 3321–3 Topics in Anthropology ANT 3340 Diaspora: Migration, Identity and Ethnicity ANT 3350 Food, Health and Culture ANT 3360 Political Anthropology ANT 3370 Tourism and Culture ANT 3420 Peoples and Cultures of Asia and the Pacific ANT 3430 Anthropology of Chinese Overseas ANT 3530 Anthropology and Contemporary Issues ANT 3540 Anthropology of Development ANT 3550 Urban Anthropology ANT 3720 Museums and Anthropology