Calendar 2000–01

(For programmes jointly offered by different departments, the term ‘department’ in the regulations refers to relevant committee concerned.) 1.1 Students shall observe all rules and regulations prescribed by the University authorities. 2.1 An applicant seeking admission to an approved full-time course of study leading to a bachelor’s degree shall have fulfilled the entrance requirements of the University as prescribed in the Regulations Governing Admission to Full-time Undergraduate Studies. 2.2 A successful applicant shall be admitted to a major programme. 3.1 The fees prescribed by the University Council shall be payable on dates specified unless prior permission for deferment is obtained. 3.2 A student in arrears shall be subject to fines. A student in arrears for more than two weeks shall be considered to have withdrawn from studies. 3.3 Caution money shall be payable on first registration as a deposit to make good any outstanding debts to the University incurred in, for example, damages to University and/or college property. This sum less any deductions made for outstanding debts shall be refunded on discontinuation of studies at the University. For graduating students, subject to no claim being outstanding, caution money shall be converted into graduation fee. 3.4 Apart from caution money, fees once paid shall not be refunded. 4.1 An applicant who has been offered admission to an approved course of study shall pay the fees and register in person with the Registry on the respective specified date/s and shall be considered to have enrolled in the approved course of study from the date of his first registration. G eneral Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies