Calendar 2000–01

4.2 A student shall register for courses on the specified date/s in each academic year. Anyone who fails to register for courses after a lapse of two weeks from the specified date/s shall be considered to have withdrawn from studies at the University. 4.3 A student who is unable to register for courses on the specified date/s must apply for deferment in writing to the Registrar beforehand. 4.4 A student shall not be registered simultaneously in another course of study or research leading to the award of a degree, diploma or certificate at this university or any other tertiary institution except by prior permission of the board of the faculty to which he belongs. A student in breach of this regulation shall be required to discontinue his studies at the University. 4.5 A student registered for a full-time course of study shall not take up any full-time employment, paid or unpaid, during term time. 4.6 A student shall register in the name which appears in his Hong Kong Identity Card or passport. 4.7 A student shall inform the Registrar immediately of any change of name, address or other particulars entered in the student’s registration record. 4.8 No application for changing a student’s registered particulars shall be accepted after graduation or withdrawal from the University. 5.1 Except for students in courses of study which prescribe otherwise, a Secondary 6 and a Secondary 7 entrant* shall be expected to graduate after four and three years of attendance respectively save as provided for in Regulation 5.2. 5.2 A student may apply on a prescribed form to the Registrar for an alteration of his period of study. No such application, however, shall be accepted after selection of courses for his expected year of graduation. 5.3 Notwithstanding Regulation 5.2, no student shall graduate without having completed at least three years of attendance. 5.4 Notwithstanding Regulation 5.3, a transfer student or any other student who has been granted course and unit exemptions on the basis of post- secondary qualifications may graduate in less than three years, provided that: (a) he shall have attended this university for at least two years; and (b) his total period of attendance at this university and another university or institution of higher learning recognized by the Senate shall have been not less than three years. 5.5 A student shall take courses at this university in his final term. 5.6 A Secondary 6 and a Secondary 7 entrant shall complete all requirements for graduation within six and five years respectively from his first registration including any periods of leave of absence and suspension of studies. !" # 6.1 A Secondary 6 and a Secondary 7 entrant shall complete at least 123 and 99 units of courses respectively before graduation. * A Secondary 6 (or 7) entrant means a student who has been admitted to the University after completion of Secondary 6 (or 7) in a school or on equivalent qualifications.